What We Do?

FaithCare provides encouragement and spiritual renewal to healthcare workers by providing biblically based professional and spiritual counseling, fellowship, faith-based medical education, team building, and training for medical missionaries. FaithCare focuses on providing health, hope, and healing to a needy world by delivering healthcare services with respect and dignity aimed at treating the “whole” person.  We accomplish this through a three prong approach (Individual Faith, Community Outreach and International Missions).

Individual Faith

FaithCare chapters provide a forum for medical professionals and non medical professionals to discuss medical issues from a spiritual perspective. FaithCare’s chapter meetings, community wellness activities, and networking events are great opportunities to strengthen your individual faith. We seek to bring health, hope and healing to and through the healthcare community, providing transforming love locally and throughout the world.

Community Outreach

FaithCare reaches out to the community by holding health events in partnership with local churches and organizations. Volunteers provide screenings for blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol, as well as education on diabetes, heart disease, asthma, nutrition and other health related issues.  Visitations and holiday caroling bring joy and delight to those confined to a hospital or nursing home.  Since 1994, FaithCare has treated over 11,000 people in the USA through its community outreach initiatives.  

International Missions

FaithCare sends medical teams on an average of four international mission trips each year. Team members returning from trips often comment that, although they provide patients with life-saving medical procedures and spiritual care, they too have life-changing experiences.

Individuals from all over the U.S. join FaithCare global mission teams, raising their own funds to defray the cost of supplies. Global mission projects are supported by church as well as corporate sponsorships, individual gifts, and hospital donations of supplies, surgical instruments, medications, and equipment.

Markedly unique is FaithCare’s partnership with local and international churches and organization in its offering of spiritual counseling, an important component of healing.

Since 2005, FaithCare’s International Missions have treated over 200,000 patients, performed over  8,000 surgeries, distributed thousands of eyeglasses, and prayed with and counseled nearly 200,000 people in need. Often men, women, and children walk hundreds of miles to be seen by one of our team doctors hoping to be blessed with health and healing.