The FaithCare team has just arrived home from another trip to Nigeria! The team was made up of 5 American volunteers and more than 25 volunteers from the FaithCare-Nigeria chapter. This time we served in Mangu, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria from June 1st to the 8th, 2024. We were able to work out of a governmental medical facility, although we did pay a quick visit to the FaithCare Nigeria Hospital and a refugee camp (described below) while we were there!

If you have heard about the internal violence, killings, and hostage situations in Nigeria, you may be familiar with the fact that there are many in-country refugees. These Internally Displaced People (IDP) are left abandoned, homeless, and without protection or support. Our project was set up right next to one of these IDP / refugee camps, where we were able to serve and provide free healthcare to many of the thousands of refugees as well as other local poor and needy individuals in the area.

As usual, there were thousands of patients needing treatment and our days were packed with surgeries, general consultations, dental care, and prescriptions for medication. All the patients who came to see us were also given the opportunity to speak to our spiritual counselors, who told them about God’s amazing love for them and invited them to make decisions for spiritual growth.

Some of the surgeries we did included eye surgeries, dental surgeries, and a C-section. Many of the surgeries were life-changing but ‘routine’ (although surgery is always a big deal, especially in these rural settings!), such as removing masses and hernias, but there were quite a few big, life-saving surgeries too, such as treating someone with a ruptured bowel! We did a total of eleven appendectomies – surgery to remove someone’s appendix. This is usually an emergency situation because the appendix has ruptured or is infected, and if it isn’t removed immediately the patient will die. We can’t help but marvel at God’s perfect timing: if these medical emergencies had happened at another time, the patients would not have been able to get the life-saving medical help they needed.

This was especially true for a patient who came to see us in the middle of our trip; a girl with a suspected ruptured appendix. However, when we did the surgery, we discovered that it wasn’t her appendix but her intestine that had ruptured! She would almost certainly not have received the necessary medical care if it had happened at another time or place. You see, she had recently been orphaned by tribal violence in the village where she used to live and was now staying in the temporary refugee shelter near the hospital. Some of the other refugees at the shelter had taken her under their wing and were trying to look after her but their situation was desperate too: no home or possessions and definitely no money for medical treatment.

Thank God for His impeccable timing and His love for the needy!

Total Statistics for the 5 day FaithCare Nigeria team project:

  • Total seen – 2,648
  • Surgeries – 230 (109 ophthalmologic, 121 general and gynecologic, 65 dental)
  • Dental care – 212
  • Laboratory – 346
  • Prayer and counseling – 2,139
  • Number making a decision for faith and spiritual growth – 369
  • Bibles provided – 6