During our Nigeria outreach in June 2024, one of the people we were able to help was a pregnant woman. She had gone to a local hospital where they told her that her baby was in the breech position and that she would need to get a cesarean section. However, she could not afford the surgery. Fortunately, the hospital recommended her to us.

We were able to perform the cesarean section for her and she is now the proud mom of a healthy baby girl. The mom was so grateful that we could help her that she decided to name her little girl Faith, in honor of FaithCare. When she learned that one of the volunteers helping with the surgery was named Rebekah, she amended it to Rebekah Faith.

Imagine being able to help somebody and they are so moved that they name their child after you! Obviously, this was a special moment and makes a fun story to tell.

At the end of the day, the woman’s surgery ended up being quite a bit trickier than anticipated. Given the rural location and the fact that her delivery would probably not have been straightforward, chances are high that there would have been complications which could have endangered both Baby and Mom if she hadn’t received this medical care.

And our hearts go out to that mom, and the hundreds of moms like her who are faced with an impossible situation; who know that, without medical help, their precious baby would likely die; and who also know that there is simply no way for them to pay for that medical help. Can you imagine knowing what is needed to save your child and being unable to get it?

It makes us smile to know that there is a little girl out there named in honor of FaithCare; but it fills us with real joy to know that this little girl, and her mother, and countless others like them received help and hope and heard about a Heavenly Father who loves them unconditionally.