How will the money be used?

FaithCare is looking to purchase plots of land in Haiti and Nigeria where FaithCare would establish medical facilities. FaithCare desires to purchase land in Haiti from a long-term missionary partner (where FaithCare has hosted medical projects) where a functional clinic and buildings already exist (would require renovation and additional construction at some point). The desired land in Nigeria is owned by a private citizen who heard of the work FaithCare is doing and wanted to ensure that the people in that community would have their own medical facility.

In addition to acquiring both properties, funds will be used to construct and renovate the medical facilities, hire and pay for staff, purchase medical equipment and supplies, and cover the day-to-day operational expenses of the medical facilities.  

We estimate that each International Medical Mission project currently provides approximately $1.5 million worth of medical care per week to needy individuals, including the value of medications, supplies, general and GYN surgeries, dental procedures, ophthalmologic care and eye glass fitting, minor procedures, general consultations, and ultrasound examinations.  The amount we spend, out of our cash balance and beyond what is donated, is approximately $10,000.  Therefore, we can provide $150 worth of medical care for every $1 donated toward a mission project. 

International hospital fundraising campaign $1,000,000 goal over 5 years:

  • $92,000 to purchase land
  • $170,000 to construct and renovate clinic/hospital
  • $ 192,000 for staffing and operational expenses 
  • $ 247,000 to purchase medical equipment and supplies
  • $ 216,000 for furnishing and Durable clinic/hospital equipment
  • $7,000 for signage, marketing, and communications  
  • $76,000 for International Community Medical Outreach expansion
  • We are taking a three-phase approach to the project:  

Phase 1: to purchase land and begin expanding care and teams to these locations

Phase 2: to renovate &/or construct medical facilities along w/ hiring staff to operate on a part time basis with continued expansion of team presence

Phase 3: to expand to a fully functional hospital (purchase addition equipment & hire additional staff)

To learn more about opportunities to support FaithCare's US and international initiatives, please contact Venton Forbes, Executive Director, at 860-751-2400 or