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Millions of people throughout the world do not have access to healthcare.  As a result, they often wait too long to address their health concerns until they can no longer bear their suffering.  Every day around the world, countless people delay so long that a health issue, once easily addressed, becomes a much more serious illness that is far more complicated to treat.  In the remote locations visited by our medical teams, men, women, and children often walk for hours to be seen by our physicians and nurses, clinging to hope for their healing. You can make a difference. You can help meet their needs!


No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.

-Charles Dickens

 Donate to FaithCare and make a world of difference in the lives of so many who are in need!

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Donate towards FaithCare’s International Capital Campaign, Restoring Health for Today and Building Hope for Tomorrow.