Why is FaithCare qualified to address this need?   

FaithCare began in 1994 to encourage healthcare professionals to network and to fellowship together, sharing experiences and ideas related to their faith in God. Today, FaithCare integrates faith and healthcare in the process of serving disadvantaged people with care, dignity, and love. We bring health, hope and healing, to and through the healthcare community, providing transformational love locally and internationally.     FaithCare has hundreds of volunteer physicians and medical care provider volunteers (both American & from within the Countries we serve) who are eager to help with these projects.

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Our desire is to provide access to affordable, holistic and quality health care services in and around the world.  In addition to our acute care services, physical exams and wellness events, our priorities include education for prevention of disease and disease management, while teaching individuals and families how to take responsibility for their health. 

Faith in God has a significant influence in health and wellness, and plays a powerful role in the process of healing.  We seek to increase access to health services for the underserved and uninsured by providing excellent care at our local wellness centers, and internationally through medical missions, while treating our patients’ physical and spiritual wellbeing.

At FaithCare, we know that prayer and spiritual counseling, are important components of healing, so we offer both to every patient we see.  Our Christian faith is the foundation of our work. Since 1997, through our international mission program, we have treated over 180,000 patients, performed nearly 9,000 surgeries, distributed 14,000 pair of eyeglasses and dental products, and we have prayed with and counseled over 150,000 people in need.

Statistics prove that people who integrate faith into the healing process have better outcomes than those who do not. Studies of the effect of patients’ faith on disease outcomes have shown reduced hypertension, better lipid profiles, lower cholesterol levels, improved immune function and speedier recovery times.  FaithCare remains committed to serving the underserved by integrating faith and medicine, thus treating the whole person, both physically and spiritually.

To learn more about the work FaithCare is doing in the US and around the world, please contact Venton Forbes, Executive Director, at 860-860-751-2400 or VForbes@faithcare.net