One day as I was volunteering with FaithCare I saw an 18-year-old girl who had some general complaints. Because she reported that her period was late, I had her take a pregnancy test. It was positive, and when I started explaining the results to her, I learned that she had already known that she was pregnant and was very scared.

You see, she had lost both of her parents and was living with her aunt. When she had told the young man who was the baby’s father that she was pregnant, he had denied it and had “run off.” She hadn’t told her aunt yet because she was sure that she would be kicked out of the house and she had nowhere to live.

Basically, she was asking what she should do. I spoke with her for a time and then fast-tracked her to the front of the line to speak to Pastor Isaac (thanks to the other patients for their understanding!). I’m so grateful that he spent several hours with her, helping her to sort through her emotions while gaining a clearer perspective of the situation. He was able to offer real help and hope to her, giving her the details for a nearby safe haven for women who are pregnant or parents of young children. Ultimately, we encouraged her to speak with her aunt and to return with or without her the next day if she wanted to speak with one or both of us again.

I didn’t hear back from her.

My interaction with her really sums up, for me, what FaithCare is about: the medical care we provide is usually much needed and even lifesaving; but sometimes it’s simply an opportunity for someone to come to us when they need love and support. This woman didn’t come to us to find out if she was pregnant, she came because she wanted help.

I consider it a great honor to have been able to speak truth into this woman’s life – that both she and her unborn baby are greatly loved and valued by God, and worthy of living lives of dignity. I can’t help but wonder what the outcome of her story will be – and perhaps I won’t know until I reach heaven! This is why faith makes all the difference in the medical care that is provided. It’s only with God that lives really change.