A young mother of five came to one of FaithCare’s free inner-city clinics because her two oldest children needed school physicals. One of our interpreters helped her to fill out the forms. When they came to the section for emergency contacts, the woman confessed that she had nobody to help her. Apparently, her husband had left her for another woman two months earlier. Because three of her children were under the age of 5, she could only work when the older two (the oldest of whom was 13) were home and able to watch the other children. As a result, she was limited to a low-paying job and wasn’t earning enough to cover both food and rent.

Her needs may not have been medical, but she certainly needed hope and a reminder of how much God loves her and her children! We helped facilitate donations from several church members and a local charity, and visited her home, bringing groceries, clothing (including winter coats and boots for the children since winter was on the way), and household essentials such a toilet paper, laundry detergent, diapers, and toothpaste. We continue to help with rent money and groceries and provide transportation to appointments and have connected them with a pro bono immigration attorney. When this family came to the Faith Care clinic, they not only received medical care, but they also received emotional and spiritual care. As we continue to meet with this family, provide comfort, and pray with them, we ultimately hope to bring them health, hope, and healing.